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Here are some photographs, shot at jobsites.  We are thinking of putting a sample camera ( moving pic ) job video on this site for viewing/sampling . . . let us know what you think.


Winter Test

inground sprinkler system

Alzafar Shrine S A, Tx USA

1 1/2" pressure reducing valve off 6" H20 main

cont . . . ( COMMERCIAL Sample )

2" ball valve installation ( cieling )


broken 2" 90* under foundation prior to repair done by Topp's Plumbing Co., LLC.

Welcome Dr

piping connections/flow & repairs

commercial Freshwater aquarium with large Angel fish w/clickable link to Polly's Pets in Universal City, TX  USA

H20 line repair(s)

@ the foundation's entrance

Residential sample ( sample can also be utilized in some Commercial )

new tub/shower valve on claw-foot tub

and more . . .

1 of 2 : tunnel job to repair kitchen sink drain

2 of 2 : ventline @ tunnel job to repair kitchen sink drain

Additional "side" shower heads : NEW

This is the left side . . . full wash is a go!

Some photos have been supplied from our personal use to emphasize the great results of our services.